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The Tre Mori since 1951 has been dealing with the roasting of coffee and substitutes, the production of precooked biscuits, biscuits and cereal-based bars and delicious bars of pure dark chocolate

Our commitment to controlling the entire production cycle and the choice to embrace, since 1971, the organic philosophy allows us to promote the development of eco-sustainable agriculture aimed at maintaining and enhancing biodiversity, which, combined with the use of a selection of raw materials with beneficial properties, allows us to satisfy the market of functional products, intended for a consumer who is increasingly attentive to the environment, health and physical fitness.
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Nougat with Puffed Rice 150 gr.

MILK CHOCOLATE NOUGAT AND PUFFED RICE gr. 150 Few ingredients but of exceptional quality characterize this nougat, combining the sweetness of chocolate with milk...
Soffiati Tre Mori nougat

Orzo Mondo Soffiato

Il nostro amore per questo antico cereale ci ha ispirato a creare tanti genuini e naturali prodotti. L'Orzo Mondo cereale antichissimo, è utilizzato in...
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