The philosophy

The Tre Mori since 1951 has been dealing with the roasting of coffee and substitutes, the production of precooked biscuits, biscuits and cereal-based bars and delicious bars of pure dark chocolate.

Our commitment to controlling the entire production cycle and the choice to embrace, since 1971, the organic philosophy allows us to promote the development of eco-sustainable agriculture aimed at maintaining and enhancing biodiversity, which combined with the use of a selection of raw materials with beneficial properties, allows us to satisfy the market for functional products, intended for a consumer who is increasingly attentive to the environment, health and physical fitness.

Passion, completely artisanal workmanship, tradition, territoriality and the exclusive use of high quality raw materials are transformed into environmentally friendly products, with a green soul and characterized by an unmistakable taste and fragrance.

Since 1951, Tre Mori has been dealing with the roasting and processing of noble cereals from the Marchigiana chain .