The history of the Tre Mori di Tolentino


The Tre Mori di Tolentino fits perfectly into the particularly lively reality of Marche's entrepreneurship.

1950s / 60s

The business dates back to 1951, the year in which Mr. Nello Lucentini , despite the great economic, political and social difficulties that post-war Italy is experiencing, decided to start a personal path of revenge and redemption.

Driven by the memory of when, as a child, the scent of coffee barley filled the homes of Italians early in the morning, with a small 15kg roaster, inside his home he gave life to his business roasting barley .

Even if the advent of industrialization had by now led to the abandonment of many varieties of ancient cereals , giving way to agricultural cultures that are poorer in nutritional values ​​but more profitable, he was committed to immediately so that the variety of world barley, known to him since he was a child, would not be lost.

70s / 80s

World barley , also known as Pharaoh's barley or Naked barley , is a minor cereal but very useful for maintaining biodiversity. Naturally born without glumella external and is therefore more digestible, as well as containing structurally higher contents of soluble proteins and fibers such as Beta-Glucans.

The strong passion, born over the years by Mr. Nello, for this precious variety and the perseverance of the latter, so that it was not lost, led to the rediscovery of this cereal.

After ten years of great effort, Mr. Lucentini achieves his goal, the business has started and he can dedicate himself to making his World Barley known and appreciated throughout the Marche region. Wanting to further strengthen the link between his product and tradition, he combines the pure seeds of anise with barley, thus creating his first two high-quality products:

Roasted and ground Barley World and Roasted and ground Barley World with Anise

symbols par excellence of the Tre Mori brand, produced in organic since the early 1980s. In this certification, at the time of a niche, Tre Mori has believed and focused strongly since the beginning, with a project aimed at the enhancement of biodiversity, non-GMO sowing and above all organic and eco-sustainable agriculture.

From the passion for the pastry art of his beloved Carolina and with the help and support, above all practical, of the same, Mr. Nello at the end of the 70s also decided to combine the production of 'barley also the processing of nougat almond, made according to the ancient recipe of a "master" pastry chef.

80s / 90s

Small wholesalers and grocery stores were the main customers followed by 3 Mori, but the commercial evolution was slowly taking its course and the large-scale distribution points of sale were starting to grow more and more. It was precisely in that period that 3 Mori decided to enter this new commercial vortex that gave it the opportunity to enter the national market.

It was with this choice that TRE MORI abandoned the role of a small roasting company and began a path of expansion of production, acquiring a new 60kg roaster and new packaging machinery.

The years passed and the company grew, sales grew and a process of renewal began also in the company structure, in which Mrs. Elisabetta Lucentini , symbol of the new generation and daughter, entered of the founder.

With his inclusion in the company, it was decided in the mid-90s to create a modern building that can cope with the increasingly high production growth , also buying a methane roaster with a capacity of 300 kg and new packaging lines more suitable for the modern range of products that was slowly being developed


The company is maintained, ready to satisfy and anticipate market demands , creating new products ideal for modern consumers, increasingly attentive to health and fitness. Furthermore, remaining one of the few companies to use the Barzo Mondo variety for all its roasted products, which it follows the sowing and production in all phases of the supply chain in order to provide its consumers with a guaranteed product, tracked and certified.

By combining all the properties of World Barley with the beneficial and nutritious substances of plants and officinal herbs , we have created new ranges that allow more versatility in the consumption of the product and that meet the new needs emerging from the market.

The interest born in spices and officinal herbs has also led the company to move towards a new way of herbal teas and functional and organic teas creating the new line of digestive, purifying, relaxing and anti-inflammatory infusions.

Over time the passion for pastry has strengthened which, in addition to maintaining its origins, has diversified with more and more particular nougats and various fillings but which maintain, as for all the other lines , the goodness, quality and taste of 100% artisanal and 100% Italian products.

Combining the love for pastry with the continuous search for new dynamic but still functional, natural and healthy products, in the last year the new line of ORGANIC FUNCTIONAL BARS made its debut on the market, made with dried fruit, seeds and fruit or chocolate without the addition of flavorings, dyes or preservatives. Healthy, tasty and totally natural products.


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