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Our philosophy

Since 1951, the Tre Mori has been dealing with the roasting of coffee and substitutes, the production of precooked biscuits, biscuits and cereal-based bars and delicious bars of pure dark chocolate

Our commitment to controlling the entire production cycle and the choice to embrace, since 1971, the organic philosophy allows us to promote the development of eco-sustainable agriculture aimed at maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity, which combined with the use of a selection of raw materials with beneficial properties, allows us to satisfy the market of functional products, intended for a consumer who is increasingly attentive to the environment, health and form physics.

World barley sandwich 🥪

✅ 500g of wholemeal flour
✅ 2g of dry yeast
✅ 400g of water
✅ 10g of salt
Form a biga with these 4 ingredients and leave to rest for 10 hours in the refrigerator.
🔸 300g of water and pour it into
🔸 150g of broken wheat and
🔸 30g of Tre Mori world barley
Mix the two masses with:
🔸 250g of flour
🔸 100g of water
🔸 50g of oil
🔸 3g of dry yeast
🔸 20g of salt
Leave to rest for 30 minutes and shape the pieces to the desired size.
After 30 minutes, press them lightly.
Bake at 250 ° C for about 15 minutes depending on the size chosen.
Remove from the oven, fill with ingredients of your choice and ... Enjoy your meal! 😋


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