Italian breakfast

What is it about?

CONTEST “Italian Breakfast” by TRE MORI

The “Italian Breakfast” contest is open. Participation in the 2020 contest. The first phase of the contest is open until 18 May. Send us your application on our social profiles by attaching the photo of your Italian breakfast. The best photos, at the sole discretion of our jury made up of the owners of the TRE MORI, will be published on our social profiles with a special template designed by us that will frame the shots. The theme of the shots will be “Sweet or savory breakfast”. The photos can be used by TRE MORI for promotional purposes. Breakfast can be set freely and the ingredients can be from any company as long as there are no brands of other products, the only ones that can appear on the photos (optional but welcome) are TRE MORI products. For us it will be fundamental the dish, the general presentation, the chromatic combination, the choice of ingredients, creativity, Italian style.


  • Breakfasts must contain a sweet or savory breakfast plate that expresses the concept of Italianness.
  • Breakfast must be photographed from above (zenithal) breakfast must be framed whole, a tip, avoid too strong shadows.
  • A napkin folded in a triangle must appear on the photo (a folded sheet of paper is fine too) and the author's name and surname must be written, the title of the dish, and the title of the Contest "Competition - Italian Breakfast - by TRE MORI ”.
  • The writings on the napkins cannot be added in computer graphics but must be written with pens, pencils or markers on the napkins.


Take a picture of your breakfast, write your name, the title of your breakfast, and the words “Italian Breakfast” By TRE MORI on a napkin or on a white sheet of paper folded like a napkin. Send us the shot privately on our Facebook or Instagram page by midnight on May 18th. The photos will be screened by a technical jury and then will be shared on the TRE MORI social networks. The photos published on our social networks can be shared on the private profiles of each participant in order to gather consensus, only the votes on the TRE MORI social networks will be taken into consideration.


1) Participants can also be minors

2) Photos whose content is obscene, defamatory, libelous, indecent will not be considered.

3) The photo must be accompanied by the NAME and SURNAME, Title of the breakfast, and must bear the words "Italian breakfast - by TRE MORI".

4) It is possible to attach photos or videos of the preparation of breakfast (optional) in addition to the photo of the contest.


The photos sent no later than midnight on May 18, 2020, will be selected by a jury made up of the owners of the TRE MORI and put up for competition.


The chosen photos will be published on the TRE MORI Facebook and Instagram social networks and the competitors will be tagged on the published photos. (The photos taken may be used by TRE MORI for promotional and advertising purposes without the author having anything to claim in terms of exploitation rights.)


Visit the TRE MORI store social pages and vote with a LIKE or with. your favorite photo. To vote, just open the desired photo and click "like" or "heart" according to the social network. Only the votes on the photos present in our Facebook or Instagram albums will be considered. The photo that has obtained the most appreciation added between the two social networks will be awarded.These hashtags will be useful to make the contest known on social networks #tremors #colazioneitaliana #iofacciocolazioneacasa #buongiornoitalia # qualityitaliana Any type of bot, automatic voting, and paid like streams are prohibited, and offenders will be eliminated from the contest


On-line voting will start at 10 am on May 20 and will end at 6 pm on May 29, 2020. Whoever gets the most likes / hearts added up between Facebook and Instagram on May 29 will win the audience prize. At the same time, the winning shot will be announced by the TRE MORI Jury


• TRE MORI JURY AWARD - A supply of Tre Mori products worth 80 euros

• AUDIENCE AWARD - A supply of three mori products worth 80 euros. The prizes will be sent home free of charge.

Now all you have to do is get involved in the kitchen, Good breakfast and good luck!