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Our history

The Tre Mori has been synonymous with quality and guarantee for the consumer for over sixty years. The use of carefully selected raw materials and careful craftsmanship distinguishes the company in constant development and particularly attentive to the quality of its production.

Tre Mori is one of the few companies that follows the production of barley in all phases of the supply chain: from the choice of farmers exclusively from the Marche region and located in the hilly part; to sowing (seeds with certificates of originality, not genetically modified), to cultivation without the use of chemicals, up to the slow and low temperature roasting process thus giving a certified product.

It was the first company to have rediscovered a very privileged variety of barley "Orzo Mondo" dating back to the early 1900s, lost over the years and replaced by poorer but much more profitable varieties.

This result was achieved thanks to a collaboration agreement that commits farmers to cultivate World Barley according to established parameters and Tre Mori to withdraw all production at a pre-established price much higher than that of common barley. < / p>

The production of nougat was born from the recipe of a "Master Pastry Chef" and then continued as an artisan activity with the classic Mandorlato nougat.

Over the years, through experience and seriousness, it has expanded the range with other nougat specialties, reaching 17 different flavors, while maintaining the quality and traditional taste unchanged.


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